Dog Boarding

All American Pet Resorts is an ALL-INCLUSIVE, CAGE-FREE BOARDING resort. We have luxury suites for every dog. Standard rates ensure that every dog staying at All American Pet Resorts will enjoy clean, fresh bedding, gourmet meals, and daily play times at no extra charge. If you live in Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Naples FL or the surrounding area, ensure your dog’s comfort and safety by providing them with the very best in dog boarding.

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Vacation Suites

Treat your dogs to something extra special! Our extra large Vacation Suites are equipped with individual TVs and web cameras that are viewable in any browser on any smart device 24 hours a day. Pets in these suites are also treated to 2 weekly phone calls from Mom and Dad, extra TLC, playtime in groups or individually, deluxe bedding and extra treats as allowed.

Deluxe Suites

Our spacious boarding suites are perfect for dogs of all sizes or families boarding more than one dog that wish to keep each other company. These guests watch TVs, listen to music, play with others or independently as desired and may be viewed on web cameras using any browser or any smart device 24 hours a day.

Thunder Suites

South Florida is prone to severe thunder and lightning storms. Some pets experience extraordinary stress during these storms. All American Pet Resorts offers six specialty suites for these pets. These suites have extra insulation, solid panel gates and are covered. These features, designed to minimize storm noise, gives pets a more secure feeling, which reduces storm stress. If severe stress is common to your pet, please ask us about our Acupressure Blankets and Thunder Suites.


Here is an example of how the pricing works: If your flight is at 6:30 AM and your pet arrives at the resort at 5:00 AM, that is when the boarding day begins. The next day of boarding begins at 5:00 AM the following day and so on. If the pet is picked up within the first 12 hours of the last boarding day, the day care rate will apply.


Each pet boarding more than 4 nights will receive a bath before check out at the owner’s expense. Baths are priced according to the size of the pet and the condition of the coat.

Please Note: Each pet’s temperament is evaluated before being accepted for group play. All American Pet Resorts reserves the right to deny services to any pet we deem unhealthy or unsafe to our staff and others.


Open 24/7 for pet drop off & pick up


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